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Protected Landscape Area of Kokořínsko – Macha Area
The Protected Landscape Area of Kokořínsko – Macha Area was declared in 1976 as the Protected Landscape Area of Kokořínsko in the area called Polomené hory, Dubské skály or Dubské Švýcarsko (Daubaer Schweiz). As of 1 September 2014, the Protected Landscape Area (PLA) was extended by its second part named Mácha region, situated in the northeastern part of Mácha’s Lake.
The protected landscape area occupies an area of approximately 410 km². It belongs to the most beautiful regions of Mělník, Českolipsko and Mladá Boleslav. The landscape has a canyon-like character, in the northern part it passes in a hillside. Typical for Kokořín Area is sandstone rocks, many of which form various shapes – rock overhangs, small caves, niches, ledges and capstones.
The most interesting and most visited places in the area include the Kokořín Valley, Liběchovka Valley, erosion rock formations, such as Mšenské pokličky, Dubská palice, rock formations and caves, as well as Václav Levy sculptures carved into sandstone rocks.

Devil´s Heads
Rock sculptures of giant heads carved into the sandstone cliffs in the pine forest above the village Zelizy in the district Melnik, Czech Republic. It is the works of sculptor Vaclav Levy, who created in the period 1841-1846.

Rock Reliefs and Harfenice cave
The artificial cave is named after a girl with harp sitting next to monumental relief heads. It was carved by the sculptor Václav Levy in the years 1840-1845.

Rock formation Kokořín Capstones
Kokořínské pokličky are a sandstone formation reminiscent of mushrooms. They were formed by gradual selective weathering of sandstone. The upper layer of more durable iron sandstone protects the lower column of softer clay sandstone, resulting in the characteristic shape of a sponge with a flat cap. The most massive reaches a height of 12 m, the hat is 6 m wide.