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The Na Pomezí Caves are situated 2 km north of the village Lipová-lázně. The system of caves was partly known as early as 1936, but it was only in 1949 that the caves were explored in full. The work making them accessible to the public was started in 1950 and finished in 1955. The total length of the visitors’ gallery is 530 m. The Na Pomezí Caves are the largest cave system in Czech Republic, originated by dissolution of marble, i.e. crystallic limestone. Narrow and in places high fissure aisles forming smaller domes in the places of intersection are typical. The most important parts of the cave system are the Ice Dome, the Weeping-Willow Dome, the Roman Bath Corridor, the White Dome, the Royal Chimney, the Treasury and the Entrance Dome. Crust forms with their cascades and large stalactites are typical of these caves.

Caves of Czech Republic