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Kost Castle - famous large Gothic castle is located in the Jičín District of the Czech Republic. "Kost" is "bone" in Enhlish - as hard as bone. In Northern Bohemia, specifically the region Bohemian Paradise lies Kost Castle, first proposed by Benes von Wartenberg in 1349 as a possible construction site. It was completed by his son Peter von Wartenberg and since then it has not been changed and is still in good repair. The castle is known for its so-called "White tower". In about 1414 the family of Zajíc von Hasenburg moved there; later the family of Schellenberg (1497 - 1524), Lobkowicz (till 1576) and others; in this time some more buildings were built near the castle and joined to it. Unlike most other castles in Bohemia, it does not lie on a hill, but on a spit between two brooks. Another peculiarity is the tower, which has a trapezoid-like ground-plan. Like in some other cases, the reason was that if an artillery shell was fired, it would not hit the wall at a right angle (the angle of greatest possible damage).