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Alignements du Ménec

It is the largest group of menhirs from of all ranks near Carnac and is located near the village of Le Ménec (now the Ménec bus stop at the House of Megaliths - Maison des Mégalithes) near Carnac. There are 1099 menhirs arranged according to their size in 11 rows, which extend in a length of 1165 m in a belt about 100 meters wide. The rows of stones are not straight but describe a slight curve towards the northeast. The rows are interrupted twice by roads and in the summer months free entry between menhirs is prohibited (they are surrounded by a low fence). At the west end, a group of houses is surrounded by a cromlech formed by an ellipse of 71 stones standing side by side. Kromlech is practically all lost, but some individual menhirs can be discovered.