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Brittany – Huelgoat
Brittany – Huelgoat
Broken Menhir of Er Grah - Le Grand Menhir Brisé
Brittany – Locmariaquer
Tumulus Er-Grah, Table des Marchands dolmen and Le Grand Menhir Brisé - three megalithic sites in Site Megalithique Locmariaquer and others...
Brittany – Alignments of Kerzerho
Alignments of Kerzerho - rows of menhirs near Erdeven village in Brittany, France
Alignements du Ménec
Menhirs and dolmens of Brittany: Carnac
Menhirs and dolmens of Brittany – Carnac and surroundings PHOTOGALLERY: Menhir (from [...]