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Plouescat, Brittany

Plouescat (Breton: Ploueskad) is a municipality in the department of Finistère in Brittany in northwestern France. It is a famous seaside resort that attracts many tourists.

Dolmen de Guinirvit v Kernickém zálivu
Ruins of the Dolmen – gallery grave – of Guinirvit in the sea, Plouescat, department Finistere, Brittany, France

There are also megalithic monuments in Plouescat: menhirs and dolmens. They date from at least 3000 BC. In the 1980s, the subject of archeological excavations was a covered alley (dolmen) in Guinirvit in the bay of Kernic. Today, the dolmen is partially flooded at high tide.

Menhir Cam Louis
Cam Louis menhir, Plouescat, departement Finistère, Brittany

The monumental Menhir Cam Louis is located on the coast north of Plouescat. It is 7 meters high and serves well as a landmark for yachtsmen. Another famous menhir in the city is Prat Meur. Other sights: Kougn-an-Dré menhir, dolmen of Créac’h-ar-Vren, Couinandré menhir.


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