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Brittany – Trébeurden

Trébeurden is a municipality in the northwestern part of the Côtes d’Armor department in Brittany, France. This seaside resort is located at the western end of the Pink Granite Coast on the shores of Lannion Bay, in the former province of Trégor. It borders the village Pleumeur-Bodou. A thin strip of land belonging to Trébeurden even separates the island of Ile-Grande from the municipality of Pleumeur-Bodou, to which the island belongs.

Menhir de Toëno
Menhir de Toëno – lonely menhir on the coast at Trebeurden in Brittany

As elsewhere in Brittany and Trébeurden, many megalithic monuments have been destroyed. Some were used as building material, others were refuted for religious reasons. Especially in the 17th century, many stones were destroyed at the instigation of the Jesuit father Julien Maunoir. At present, only 12 megalithic monuments are registered in Trébeurden:

– Menhir de Toëno on the edge of Toëno Bay 1.90 m high
– Menhir de Bonne-Nouvelle (Menhir of good news)
– Menhir Trovern or also Kerariou 2.1 meters high
– Menhir de Run-ar-Gam 2.90 m high
– Milin-ar-Lann Menhir
– Menhir l’Armor (Armor) – a large menhir 3 m high made of gray granite
– Menhirs in Véadès – Menhir la Bonne Femme / Good Woman / 5 meters tall and torn menhir 6 meters long
– Dolmen Lann Kerellec
– L’allée couverte de l’île Milliau – covered alley (dolmen) on the island of Milliau
– Covered alley and Prajou-Menhir – covered alley (dolmen) and Prajou-Menhir menhir
– Remains of semi-buried dolmens at the Chapelle du Christ (Chapel of Christ) in the center of Trébeurden.

It is believed that most menhirs were part of larger groups.

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Menhir La Bonne Femme
Menhir de Véadés also Menhir La Bonne Femme – in English The Good Woman – in Trébeurden in Brittany, France

The largest and best-preserved megalithic monument is the Allée couverte et menhir de Prajou-Menhir (Covered Alley and Menhir Prajou-Menhir). The complex was classified as a historical monument in 1956.
The covered alley is approximately 14 meters long and has two separate parts. The entrance is located at the eastern end of the alley. In front of him stands a menhir at a distance of about 12 meters. The architectural layout is similar to the La Roche-aux-Fées dolmen, but the Prajou-Menhir is much smaller.

Dolmen Prajou-Menhir
Dolmen Prajou-Menhir – megalithic monument in Trebeurden in Brittany, France

Due to the fact that Trébeurden is located close to the pink granite coast (the Ploumanac’h granite massif is 12 kilometers long and runs from Trébeurden to Perros-Guirec and is one of the most beautiful geological sites in France), Trébeurden has a strong tourist destination. potential. Tourists are especially attracted by these protected natural places, beaches and megalithic monuments.

New communication routes created between the cities in the region at the end of the 19th century allowed inland people (from the Lannion and Guingamp regions) to visit the coast more often and more easily. The construction of a railway to Lannion in 1887 encouraged the arrival of other tourists.
The first hotel was built in 1894-1895.
The first tourist office was founded in 1929 by hoteliers from the city.
During the interwar period, there were more than 30 hotels and guesthouses in Trébeurden.
Before the Second World War, the “pink granite coast” was very attractive for tourists. Coastal resorts such as Trébeurden then concentrated half of the tourist flow on the north coast of Brittany.

Menhir Run ar Gam
Menhir Run ar Gam, Trébeurden, Brittany, France

At the beginning of the 1960s, the number of visitors began to decline due to the outflow of tourists to Spain, where the climate and ocean are much warmer. Many hotels then closed down and turned into residential buildings (for example, the Bellevue Hotel, which closed in 1967).

In 2013, only three official hotels were operating in Trébeurden.
However, there are many campsites in the area and there are many other options for how and where to stay. However, in recent years, the number of tourists has started to rise sharply again.

Main beaches in Trébeurden:
Tresmeur – large beach with fine white sand. It is the busiest beach in the city;
Pors Termen – a beach near the port, popular with tourists for its magnificent panorama;
Pors Mabo – a fine sandy beach, which is characterized by turning south, which is relatively rare in northern Brittany;
Goas Treiz – a large beach in the northwest of the city, less popular for sunbathing, because the sand is coarser here

Menhir of Kerariou
Menhir of Kerariou

Trébeurden has several bays and beaches, where it is possible to hunt and collect sea animals at low tide, in the vast majority of mussels and oysters. This hunting and collection is free, but it is regulated in terms of the amount collected and, above all, the minimum prescribed size of individual mollusc species is checked. The main collection points are Goas Treiz Beach and Toëno Bay.

In 2017, the city had a population of 3,637.

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